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BENEFITS GASONEX is a combination of naturally highly gas adsorbing substances with high porosity for increased adsorption of ammonia, sulphur dioxide, hydrogen sulphide and methane gases etc. 2.GASONEX adsorbs NH3,SO2, CH4, H2S etc. of the pond bottom and clears the toxic gases in the water. 3.GASONEX contains bio-technological advancements as it bacteria that lives on the pond bottom bed and cleans as scavenger. 4.GASONEX deodorizes and purifies pond bottom waste and water to improve the activity of the culture species. 5.GASONEX improves the health and yield of the culture and relives the spices from suffocation which will help it grow better and faster. 6.GASONEX cleans black and blue gill problems that occur for want D.O, particularly in high density culture. 7.GASONEX is an SOS product in toxic gases and D.O. problems in aquaculture. 8. GASONEX adsorbs 200/300 times of its own weight of toxic gases. 9.GASONEX does not reduce D.O. of the pond water and is safe even when consumed by the animals. 10.GASONEX ensures that the D.O. which is available to the culture species, is free from all toxic gases. 11.GASONEX is useful in high density stocking and during liberal feeding programme. 500-1000 గ్రా. గాసొనెక్స్ పొడి ఇసుకలో కలిపి హెక్టరు నీటి చెరువులో జల్లండి లేదా మీనిపుణున్ని సంప్రదించండి